Bridesmaid Dresses

NOW Accepting Bridesmaid Dresses

Yay! We are now accepting Bridesmaid Dresses for consignment, as well. This is an exciting opportunity for you, as we have so many requests for pre-loved dresses for weddings and special occasions - what better reason to consign your bridesmaid dress! We accept gowns that go through a 2-step process to ensure we are providing our client with the best quality gowns, typically less than 3 years old and ready to be worn (**must be dry-cleaned).

Does consigning your bridesmaid dress with Camilla Rose interest you? Lovely! Let’s talk a little bit more about what’s involved. 

First, to consign your bridesmaid dress in our boutique, there is a $25 stocking fee (non-refundable). What does this dress stocking fee cover? The fee covers expenses such as dry-cleaning (once the dress has been purchased), storage, and social media coverage. 

Second, we ask that you tell us a bit more about your dress:
  • what size?
  • what colour?
  • what brand?
  • when/where was the dress purchased?
  • is the dress dry-cleaned and in perfect condition?
  • do you have one of the dress, or are there multiples (bridal parties)?

Lastly, if you have any pictures, we ask if you can send one or two over as well!

We can't wait to chat with you more about consigning your bridesmaid dress!

Yay! contact us here